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Does your DH work a lot?

I guess this is more of a vent than a question, but feel free to jump in if you have a similar vent, suggestion, or anything else! :)

I'm really tired of DH working so much. There's nothing he can really do - he has too many responsibilities at work to get done during the normal working hours so he ends up working late & often on Saturdays as well (and he's salary, so there's no least that would be a benefit!). I just get so frustrated with him being gone so much. Typically he won't get home before 6:30 and that is actually a really good day. It's usually more like 7:15 or after. J is always in bed by 8 (usually before) so he doesn't even get to see him that much, if at all some days. I know he's working so hard so that I can stay home & he can provide for us on one income, so I don't want to complain to him.

He's also been playing softball on Tues/Thurs nights since the beginning of May, so sometimes he doesn't even get home until after 10 if it's a 9pm game. I don't want him to give this up b/c it's like his only social activity - but I'll be happy when the season ends. :)

I guess it is just a LONG day for me to be with J with no help. I feel like a single parent pretty frequently. Thank God I have a lot of friends who SAH & my in-laws live close so I can go over there if I need a break.  

Ok...vent over. Sorry for the complaining I just needed to get this off my chest, especially since DH is working tomorrow. :( 


Re: Does your DH work a lot?

  • Luckily, no. One of the awesome perks of his company is a 35 hour work week. He leaves (with Holly) at about 8:30 am and is home by 5:30. He goes to the gym at lunch, so once he's home, he's usually home. I do feel lucky for that. Then again, we could not get by on his salary alone (well, we could in theory, but not comfortably)...So, I guess there's that trade off.

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. :-(

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  • YES!! DH works a 10 hour work day and has a 1 hour commute each way so that equals a 12 hour day. It seems like forever to be home all that time each day. He leaves for work usually as Caleb is getting up or even before; and sometimes Caleb is even in bed when he gets home. By the time he does get home I'm so tired I am ready for bed!

    He only works 4 days/week, but then I work 2 days that he is off. Sunday is our ONLY day off together every week and that sucks. But I try to remind myself that he does all of that so I can stay home with Caleb, which is what I really wanted. 

    I know it's tough and vent away!!

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  • Yes, although he doesn't work weekends (sometimes brings work home), he puts in long hours at work.  He sometimes leaves before Natalie is up in the morning and gets home around 6:15, sometimes later.  We start her bedtime routine by 7, so he doesn't get much opportunity to play with her before bed. 
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  • Yes, your DH schedule sounds similar to mine. Come 5:30, I am watching the clock, usually he is home by 5:45, but there are nights he may not be home until 7:30 or later!! My DH has to work at home tomorrow. He also is on call every other weekend, thankfully he has only ever had to go in once. My DH is also salary but gets a lump sum extra each month for overtime, so at least that helps. I too feel like a single parent some days. It is very tiring.



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  • Well I am not a momma, but my DH does work long hours and in boston, mass at that!  I couldn't imagine having kids right now.  I work till 10 most nights and he is in Boston until who knows when!  But I can see your point! 


  • Yes, like I was telling you this evening. :)

    ?Dh works from 7am-6pm and then goes to school for his MBA from 6:30pm-9:30pm Mon-Thursday. The only day we have all day together is Saturday and Sunday he studies for most of the day.

    I feel ya, it is hard when you are with the kid/s all day I know. ? ((Hugs))

  • DH doesn't often have to work weekends, but we don't see much of him during the week.  Part of the reason is that he works 10 hours a day, and the other part of it is that he commutes one hour each way.  So most days he is gone from 6-6.  That's before Eli and I get up in the morning, and only about an hour before Eli goes to bed.  It can be really stressful sometimes.  Now that it's summer he can be home by 5 a couple of days a week, and we usually go to the pool those days so Eli can stay up later.  That's really our quality time and a little break for me.  Before we started doing that it was really hard on me. 

    We both used to play softball too, and now neither one of us does.  We just don't have the time.  And when DH is home, he's usually in the garage.  So that's another reason the pool is so good for us, because we actually spend a couple of hours together when we're there.

    So, there's my vent too.  And I guess the crappiest part is that even though he's away and works so much, I still have to work too.  But honestly sometimes I think that keeps me from going crazy!


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  • It really varies. My DH has a full time job, he works 9 hour days M-Th and then 4 hours on Fridays. Most days he is home b/w 6-6:30 but he also does a lot of side jobs. He worked Wednesday and Thursday night, not getting home until 10p and went to Raleigh today for another job. But it comes in waves and it is nice to have the extra money, so we manage with him being gone. But it would be a lot harder if it was everyday.
  • DH and I work opposite schedules, which is really hard. ?I am gone from 6:30-4:30 and DH works from 12-9 three days a week and 3-11 two days a week. ?I have Sat and Sunday off and he works weekends. ?Basically that amounts to me seeing him about 10 hours a week. I make dinner and put munchkin to bed alone 5 nights a week.
  • imageluckygirl0818:
    DH and I work opposite schedules, which is really hard.  I am gone from 6:30-4:30 and DH works from 12-9 three days a week and 3-11 two days a week.  I have Sat and Sunday off and he works weekends.  Basically that amounts to me seeing him about 10 hours a week. I make dinner and put munchkin to bed alone 5 nights a week.

    That REALLY stinks. Is there any way y'all can get your schedules a little more in line? (ETA: that's a silly question...I'm sure if there was a way then y'all would do it) Seriously, I don't know how you handle only seeing your DH 10 hours a week. When is there time for y'all to be a family?? I'm sorry :( 

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