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Guess who has a double ear infection?

And guess who feels super bad for not taking her to the Dr yesterday Sad

It's not a terrible one, luckily, but it definitely explains why she screamed when we laid her down flat...

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Re: Guess who has a double ear infection?

  • Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that! But, don't feel bad - you couldn't have known. At least now you have an answer for her behavior. I hope she feels better soon.
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  • Oh no!  Do not feel bad though, they so often go undiagnosed when they're not bad.  Just be glad that you have an answer and can get her feeling better! 

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  • Don't feel bad at all!  Now that you've experienced one, you'll probably know if she gets another one.  And, she'll love the pink stuff.  :)  It'll have her feeling great in no time!
  • Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you took her and got her some meds. I hope she is better real soon!
  • Don't feel bad!  I hope Holly is back to her own sleeping self soon. 
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  • Poor Holly, hope she feels better SOON!

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  • Aww poor Holly!! Dont feel bad u didnt know what was up!! I'm glad u figured out what was making her feel so horrible at nite and that you now have meds to get her back to her old self again!! hope she feels better very soon

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  • Don't beat yourself up.  At least you now know WHY she hasn't been sleeping.  Hopefully she will start feeling better soon!

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  • Poor thing! At least you have an answer. I hope she gets better quick!



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  • Poor baby Holly! I hope she feels better soon and I'm glad you know what's going on. Maybe you can all get some sleep tonight!
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  • Yuck - hope Holly gets relief soon from her meds!
  • Poor Holly!  Don't feel bad at all for not taking her in sooner, if I brought Liam in every time he had a rough night, we'd be there a few times a month LOL!  Hope she is feeling better soon.
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  • Dont beat yourself happens. It is so hard to tell the diff btwn teeth and ears! Hope she is better soon!
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  • Oh no - Boo! Hope she recovers quickly!
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