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i feel kind of silly

hi ladies,

I have been having some spotting since last night and tried to call my Doctor to ask his advice (i also have a short cervix) and the doctor's office is closed. They say if I am going into labor to call their answering service, but I am not going into labor, but am already on modified bedrest and just concerned. But I feel silly calling their answering service.

If I ask my mom or my MIL they are both going to freak out, so I am asking you ladies, what should i do?

Re: i feel kind of silly

  • My personal philosophy with things related to pregnancy or baby is "better safe than sorry". I always ask myself "what if something turned out to be wrong and I could've avoided it by having it checked out or talking to the doc?" I think OB docs expect to be bothered on the weekends (otherwise, they should've chosen a different field).

    Your spotting may be completely normal but I say to not feel silly if you feel like calling is the right thing to do.

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  • definitely call your OB! they are on call for a reason, and trust me, you are not the only one calling!
  • Definitely call.  You'll feel so much better.
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  • Definitely call. I had the same issue (actually heavier bleeding), and it all turned out fine, but it was best that I went to see the doctor. Do they have an emergency line you can call when the office is closed? If not, does your insurance have a nurse advice line or something? They could talk to you about what's going on and help you decide what to do.
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  • Another for definitely call. My midwives have a "reasons to call" list and spotting is on it. I had some spotting around 20 weeks due to placenta previa but only that one time - I hope all is well with you, too!

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