Pregnant after 35

Baby, wedding, now moving too?!?!

I'm just not sure how I'm going to handle this!!

Some of you might remember that my fiance was laid off about two months ago.  Well he got a new job about three weeks ago with the condition that he'll be able to work from home and go to the job-sites "occasionally" (he's an engineer). So for the last two weeks he's spent the work week in Calgary (about three hours south of here) doing training.

Bottom line - the boss has now decided that he wants FI in the office at least three days a week. Well, commuting three hours each way or staying away from the family three days a week is completely unrealistic. So it looks like we'll be moving.

Here's the rub - we have his four children full time, so I would want to move them before the school year starts.  Our wedding is August 1st - so that leaves the month of August for packing/moving. Not to mention finding a house/school etc.

Am I going to go crazy?!?!? Sheesh

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Re: Baby, wedding, now moving too?!?!

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    Relax.... when you think about it... people move all the time when they take a new job and have to begin work in two weeks.  You've got the bulk of the summer to get organized and packed up.

    I'd start by doing a serious garage sale/Goodwill run and get rid of everything that's just "junk" around the house.  It will make packing much easier to deal with...

    Good luck.


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    nisemsnisems member
    Wow - that is a lot to take on at once!  Will the new company pay for any relocation costs? 
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    Ouch!  Well, at least you'll have plenty to keep your mind occupied through the second trimester!  :)
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    steverstever member

    Awesome! Sounds like my year. We moved from BC to So Cal at the end of February, got married mid-March and we'll be having LO any day now. I'm as neurotic as they come, so if I can handle it anyone can.

     Hooray and good luck on your adventure!

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    Hopefully it will all fly by! I am so excited that FI got a new job- I don't think I read that yet. That's awesome!
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    It always seems when it rains, it pours. DH and I are also moving  (although a few houses away) and it's been real stressful trying to sell or rent the place on top of all the baby stuff and FIL being in the hospital. Somehow we manage, though. I would definitely hire movers to help and like a pp mentioned try to purge as much as you can right now. I was amazed how much we have accumulated over the years. GL
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    Wow and I thought I had a lot going on!  I've got a 1 year old and a 3 year old and am due in January with #3.  We are moving to another state about 2 hours away as of the end of July.  It is a bit stressful going through a move while I'm pregnant and have the girls to tend to (and DH with the commute is gone about 14-15 hours a day five days a week) but I'm glad that it should all be done and I'll be settled in PA by the time I'm 17 weeks pregnant. 

    And I'm lucky that my kids are not school aged yet so I don't have to rush wtih that.  Although I am going to look into a part time program for my 3 year old to expose her to more kids and that kind of structured setting.  

    Good luck to you!!

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