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Prenatal Exercise

Does anyone know of any good prenatal exercise groups around Baltimore?  I would love to get involved with a swim or yoga class!

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  • I took a wonderful pre-natal yoga class at Charm City Yoga. ?They have locations in Mount Vernon, Fells Point, and (I think) Towson.
  • There's one right in Catonsville,

     and the Yoga Center of Columbia has classes, too.

  • I know Ojas wellness/yoga center has prenatal yoga

    Also any gym with a pool has "classes" that any pregnant woman can join... As a former swim instructor/pool manager/water aerobics is safe to do lap swim programs or any water aerobics program when pregnant- Plus you feel weightless in the water which cuts down on injuries!

    Good luck!


  • Thanks for all the suggestions!  I could not find any of this when I was searching online. 
  • I'm starting one in a couple weeks at Baltimore Washington Medical Center (old North Arundel).  They offer a prenatal yoga class thats $40 for 8 weeks.

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  • I went to Yoga For Moms last night.  It was fantastic!  Thanks for the recomendation!
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