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2 confessions

I am SO bored at work today, and so is my cw.  No one is here, so we're both not working and playing on the internet.  I have done zero work today, minus the one phone call I took.  So, even though we're on a new budget and I got McD's this morning, I am going out to lunch just to get out of here!

Second confession-I just ordered Eli shoes from Target.  He has one pair and they're getting too small.  Our store doesn't have the next size up and you know how much trouble I have finding shoes for him.  I've been begging DH to go to the Target near him and he hasn't.  So I paid the $5 shipping and I'll have them on Monday.  I also threw in another swim shirt since the shipping would be the same and he needs another one.  Another budget buster!

Does anyone else find it funny that as Eli is outgrowing his size 3 shoes he is also outgrowing his size 3 diapers?  Now that I think about it he's been on this trend all his life.


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Re: 2 confessions

  • I've been a total lazy butt all week.  I'm so glad I get to leave in less than 2 hours!
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  • I just woke up from a 2 hour nap and am about to eat chocolate pie with milk.  That's my confession for the day.
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  • I'll add to mine and say that after I finish my salad for lunch, I'm going to get some chess cake from the breakroom.

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