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tube fed kiddos and oral tastes?

My son is 100% tube fed, but we recently have been cleared to do some oral tasting! What kind of tastes have your kids liked? We tried several flavors of regular baby food, but he has no interest in it whatsoever. My husband was eating Doritos the other day, and DS reached out toward them, so my husband gave him one. Wouldn't you know it, the little guy gummed it all up. We had to scoop the pieces out of his mouth that he gummed off, since he is still not cleared to swallow textures yet. Still, it was so exciting to see him not repulsed by food, even if it was a Dorito. I guess we have to start somewhere, right? 

Re: tube fed kiddos and oral tastes?

  • That is awesome!  Just the fact that your DS put food in his mouth is a huge step!

    All that I really know is that they like salty things before anything else.  Drake has oral aversion and we were told to let him lick Cheetos and other salty things just to get things moving.  He used to love them!  .......until he decided to take a bite of a cracker and choked on it!  Now we're trying baby foods and letting him lick our forks.  So far we haven't found a food that he really likes but at least he is trying! 



  • Yay for Doritos!  Our DD wasn't tubed but definitely would have been a possibility if her SN circumstances were different (tubes would have done her more harm than good).  At any rate, she was a terrible eater, until we introduced her to pickles.  Yep at six months old she was sucking on pickles.  I think not only did she like the flavor, but the juciness.  She is a huge flavor girl, which, once we realized we went straight for hummus and flavored ice creams, etc. 

    To this day, she will literally sit there and eat raw red onions or pieces of garlic.  It's insane!  I'd say ride this wave as long as possible!  Congrats!

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  • The first thing Robbie liked was bananas, though that didn't last too long.

    Overall, his favorite stuff is the REALLY gross jarred baby food meats. And he doesn't like the organic ones. He prefers the gerber stuff. I think his favorite is chicken with chicken gravy.. but he'll eat turkey, ham, whatever.

    He really doesn't like anything that smells good.. no fruits except plain banana occasionally.

    They think part of his fruit aversion is because of his reflux, though. He knows the fruit burns more.

    He also likes green peas with brown rice and green beans with brown rice. Neither of those have much in the way of calories, but if you're just looking for sensory exploration, go for it. That's what we do.

    Robbie gets 100% nutrition through his tube, solids are just bonus.

    Also- if he liked the doritos, have you tried maybe some puffs or wagon wheels? They're textured about the same but they melt a bit easier.


  • I'm so excited for your little guy!! Isaac likes cheetos a lot.  He is also a big pineapple fan and he likes honey. 

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