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I think swim lessons are in our future

I took Maddie to the pool for the first time today, and she LOVED it! The second we got in she started splashing and laughing. She loved standing up in the pool (baby pool obviously, lol) and she kept trying to do the breast stroke- even dunked her face for a second once!

I was a little worried b/c they don't open until 9, and that's her morning naptime. And we didn't end up getting there until 9:30 b/c I forgot something at home, but she was so excited to be in the pool I guess she didn't care. She was asleep within about 10 seconds of getting in the car though!

For the Raleigh moms- we went to the Optimist Pool off of Six Forks and I thought it was really nice! I think we're definitely going to sign up for a "swim" class and maybe get a pass to the pool too. And the baby pool lifeguard was super cute Wink.

Ready for my first trip to the pool!


Ok mom, enough pictures, let's go!


<img width=300 src="http://tinyurl.com/6f33gs8">

This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: I think swim lessons are in our future

  • We just finished swimming lessons... dd and I did parent tot. It is amazing the difference they made. She is now jumping in the pool and blowing bubbles!!! She had a blast!! I am sure that Maddie will love them too!
  • Glad Maddie loved the pool!  We got a membership and go several times a week, Eli and AT love it! 

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  • I LOVED our swim lessons!!!  They make a huge difference.  Alex will sit on the wall and jump into us, he will kick his feet and flap his arms while on his tummy and back.  Its a LOT of fun!
  • Aww!!  Maddie sounds adorable in all her little escapes.  At what age can you do swim lessons? We took Jocelyn to the pool on Fathers Day and she seemed to like it!



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