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you know what, you never told us how the 1st bday party turned out! i saw some of your pics on FB but i want to see more!!!!

so yesterday mady slept ALONE for the 1st time in 2 weeks that this has been going on. she fell asleep at 9:30pm woke up an hour after, i went to her room laid her back down (without picking her up) patted her on her butt and fell asleep again....very very proud of her!!!! lets see if she keeps this up like she used to. dont know how you have done this for 6 mths, its been 2 wks for us and im pulling my hair!

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Re: givi

  • Girl..i am freakin' delusional already!!! I know alot if it is my fault :o(

    I haven't uploaded his pics from my camera yet, and my friend who took the pictures will be giving me the CD with about 200 pics on Monday....I can't wait to see how they turned out!! I hadn't posted because it seems that so many other personal things have been going on for everyone that I felt bad for just "posting about a 1st birthday party"..but since you asked Big Smile We had a fantastic time!! When we forst walked into the pavilion and he saw all of the Mickey and Clubhouse decorations and balloons his eyes were trying to take it all in and he said "Ohhhh.....weeee woooo" (whatever that meant in Mikey's world) followed by a gigantic smile. That in itself made all of the planning and running around worth it a million times over!! The kids, and even adults, had a great time with the bounce house, train and facepainter. Mikey was quiet most of the time, but I'm convinced it was because of how many people were there! He really wasn't into the whole cake smashing thing..he just kept squishing around the merengue in his hand and making faces. The weather was awesome from 1-5pm, just like I had prayed for!! Then at 5:05pm, a tornado passed by the area and decorations went flying and water was coming into the pavillion from all sorts of different angles!! I have the pics to prove it :o) Friends of mine that were already on their way home said that they actually saw the funnel!!! I'll tell you is definitely going to make a heck of a story for Mikey in the sure made for a grand finale!!!

    I promise to post pics as soon as I have them available..and thanks for thinking of us :o)

    ~~Givette~~ Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
  • P.S. Go Mady!!! (Lucky you)..I have tried the butt-patting and laying him back down, and he starts having a fit :o(
    ~~Givette~~ Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
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  • Givi...just wanted to add that I saw the pics you posted on FB.  They are too cute!! And that is a good story for Mikey in the future. 
  • ohhhhh im so glad everything turned out great (minus the storm lol)

    post more pis soon i would love to see more!

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