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TGIF! Why are you smiling?

Everyone needs to AW!!

For me;

NBR - I actually get to go out with the girls this weekend!  I am the maid of honor in a wedding in two weeks and we are doing the bachelorette party this weekend!  Dinner and comedy!  I can't wait!

BR - DRAKE IS MAKING SOUNDS!!!!  We have been plugging his trach and getting him to push air out his mouth and he is making the most beautiful squeaking noises I have heard in my entire life!!  He can also do it without his trach plugged!  He is so proud of himself!  We've been waiting for this day for almost 2 years!  

Now your turns!  Everyone chime in, please!  Smile

Re: TGIF! Why are you smiling?

  • That's so great!! I can't imagine how happy that must make you feel.

    Miles had his two-month checkup yesterday and is in the 90th percentile on the Down syndrome growth charts and is giving me more gummy smiles by the day. He makes my heart melt. :) 

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  • NBR:  Its my Birthday and its going to be one of the best so far!

    BR:  Matt is four months old Today. He's making leaps and bounds towards coming home.  He's recovered from all his surgeries and is just working on getting up his feeds and then we finally get to have him home with us.  And we finally get to hold him everyday.  Its been a long time coming.

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  • NBR: I'm looking forward to going swimming this weekend. It is too hot here!

    BR: Hayden FINALLY started walking this week. She let go and walked across the room on Monday (her 17-month birthday) and hasn't stopped since. I'm amazed since she had a HORRID therapy session the Friday before and threw a full on tantrum because she didn't even want to think about walking.

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  • NBR:  It's supposed to be over 100 degrees here this weekend (I despise the heat) and we're headed to the beach tomorrow where it will be much cooler!  =)

    BR:  Colin started walking and while he doesn't walk all the time, he takes a good 5 or 6 steps at a time several times a day.  He is so proud of himself!  Also, he started saying "uh oh" - his second word.  =)

    I love this post! 

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  • NBR: I succesfully baked and iced a Curious George cupcake-cake for DS's Birthday party tomorrow!!! In my humble opinion, it is pretty darn good!!! However, my memory card is broken and I can't give you a picture :-(

    BR: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH finally finished with 3 rounds of observations for the IEP Monday. I'll smile MORE next Friday if all goes well and he has qualified for Preschool. 


    I have 2 sleeping children. THAT always makes me smile!! ;) 

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  • BR- We had a check up with DD's derm and was so happy with how she's doing we don't have to go back until December!  Yay!

    NBR- We had a great time in Newport visiting my friend.  I wasn't as overwhelmed as I thought I would be being alone with DD.  I made it to Wednesday without falling apart!!  I guess that's sort of baby-related, but it was a big step for me to be confident enough to take her on a trip by myself!

  • Yay for all this great news! happy for you! Matt will be home in no time and you don't ever have to say goodbye to him in the hospital at night!

    For me....we FINALLY came home from the hospital on Wednesday after 3 months in the hospital. We are so happy to be able to have our little man home with us! It has been a long time in coming!

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