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Do you see your potential child?

Do you see children and think "I think that's what my child is going to look like?"  K and I were just out for ice-cream and there was an adorable little boy who I thought fit the imagine of our future child perfectly.  Am I alone in these thoughts? I see little kids that look like K's family and they make me feel happy and hopeful.  I can't wait to have my own brown curly hair little kid :-)


Re: Do you see your potential child?

  • awww, so cute!

    I dont really picture my child...only because I have no idea what s/he will look like! A's features are so different from our donors (and mine) that its really hard to predict.  But, i do notice every single child everywhere i go and imagine myself in the place of thier parent; i cant wait until we all have cute little ones to take for ice cream Smile


  • I used to do that all of the time. You aren't alone. :)

     And actually I still do. I see older boys and wonder if my guys will look like that when they get older.

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