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Please recommend a babysitter in Ashburn

I'm looking for a babysitter who is available on weekend nights to babysit DS (15 months) for a few hours while DH and I run errands and have our date night.  I would search on craigslist but I rather receive personal recommendations.  Thanks in advance.


Re: Please recommend a babysitter in Ashburn

  • I know the perfect person...ME!  I am Kindergarten Teacher living in Sterling looking for some extra work this summer.  I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first child, and am off for the summer.  My fiance is in-between jobs right now, and with our baby due in October, we are looking to work and save up this summer.  I am available weekends, daytime and evenings, as well as weekdays during the day.  I have plenty of experience in childcare, aside from being a teacher, I have also spent many summers and weekends nannying for two families whom you may contact as a reference.  I am so glad I saw your post today.  I am somewhat new to the area, so I don't know too many people to ask for babysitting jobs.  If you respond to me through this post, I would be more than happy to email you and provide you with my contact info.  Perhaps we can set up a time to meet this week.  I am available ASAP!  I hope to hear from you!! :)
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