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Baby Shower Venue North Of Boston


My sister and I are trying to plan a baby shower for this August north of Boston and have never done this before so were wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for a venue, nothing too extravagant just some place nice for a low key family and friends baby shower.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Not sure how far you are looking north of Boston, but mine was at Valentino's in Hudson, NH. They had a private room and really good food.
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  • The Wenham Tea House is really cute :)
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  • I had mine at the Hilton Hotel in Woburn.  They have a beautiful open air set up!!  It was a really nice place!!
  • The Griffin Museum in Winchester is one of my favorite venues.  Depends how many you're having though.  30 would look lost there.  50-60 would be just right.

    Good Luck! 

  • SPinelli's in Lynnfield or Angelica's in Middleton.  Both do a wonderful job!
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