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A midwife, an induction, a c-section, a happy ending- my birth story (long)

Hi all-

My beautiful baby girl Zoe was born June 11th by c-section. It was?definitely not my original plan, but the end result was our amazing daughter, so all's well that ends well.

Because I was pushing 42 weeks, and my last ultrasound estimated a 9 lb baby, I went in Tuesday night for an induction. I had 12 hours of Cervadil overnight, then 12 hours of Pitocin starting the next morning, and at the end of Wednesday I had made no progress- I was 2 cms and my cervix was very posterior.
All day Wednesday, I had a really sh!tty L&D nurse who wanted me to stay in bed all day except for one 20-minute walk that she "let" me have. Any other time I moved, even just to stretch my legs, the baby's heartbeat monitor shifted and she wouldn't let me adjust it, even though I could feel that the baby had just squirmed to my other side. So looking back, no wonder I hadn't progressed on Wednesday, that woman drove me NUTS. ?That night, they gave me another dose of Cervadil and broke my water the following morning (Thursday), and then started me on another round of Pitocin, this one amped up to 20 mL/hour right away (as opposed to the gradual increase of the day before). My L&D nurse on Thursday, Mary, was fantastic. She is one of the women that I interviewed as a doula, but we decided not to go with a doula at all simply because of budget. She is also and L&D nurse at our hospital and just so happened to be working that day, so I got her anyway! She was so great- wanted me to change positions every 30 mins, let me labor in the shower, on my yoga ball, walking the halls, etc. Because they had broken my water, the contractions were?way more intense. They got to 3 mins apart and lasting about a minute. I was doing breathing exercises, listening to relaxing yoga music, and doing lots of visualizations. That pattern lasted from 10 am to about 3:30, but when I got checked, I had only gotten to 4 cms. I was so so so disappointed, because I thought for sure something had happened, and I was also reaching the limit of Pitocin they can give one person in a day. I couldn't help crying- I could weather the contractions if I knew I was making progress, but to contract for over 5 hours for nothing was a real heartbreaker
So Marla (my midwife) came in and we had a heart-to-heart (as much as I could with the contractions coming every 3 mins) and she said that she wanted to give me an epidural so she could jack up the Pitocin for the last few hours of our available window. She said she didn't want to do it without the epi because I'd been laboring for almost 2 days and my uterine muscles were worn out. The extra "jolt" of Pitocin was our last-ditch effort to get my cervix to dilate. Alternatively, if that didn't work, at least I'd be ready to go into a C-section because I'd already have the epidural.
?So I got the epi and they upped my Pitocin to a 30 mL/hr rate for 3 hours to see if it would produce anything. After those last few hours, I had actually regressed because my cervix was swollen from the baby's head butting against it, so the opening itself was actually a little smaller. By then, Marla and my doula both said that would recommend a section, something they rarely advocate, but they said there had so be some reason that things weren't moving along.?
I was so upset and very tired, and of course scared about the surgery itself. After a few minutes alone with DH to "grieve" over my original plan, I was able to calm myself and get ready to meet our little one. The OB arrived and I was in the operating room 15 minutes later. ?When they did the section, they discovered that she was posterior, that the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck, and her head had not descended properly into the pelvic canal. So everything happens for a reason and the c-section turned out to be the safest option for us. My midwife & doula were there snapping pictures and holding my hand. We were on Team Green, and we asked the doctors to let DH announce the sex of the baby to me, so he was the one to tell me, with tears in his eyes, that we had a little girl, Zoe Jeanette. She was 8 lbs, 7 oz, 20 inches long, and scored 9 and 9 on her Apgars.

So we are home, happy and healthy, and she is absolutely amazing. Breastfeeding is going well, and she is such a mellow baby. We are so in love with her! I am working on uploading a pic, so it may be in my siggy by the time you read this. Thanks for reading our story!

Re: A midwife, an induction, a c-section, a happy ending- my birth story (long)

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