how long does it take to get licensed?

Dh and I signed up with an agency in March and our homestudy has not been finished yet. We've done everything....fingerprinting, CPR classes, and home inspection visit.   We have our last visit with our SWer on June 30th. Does this sound like we are on track? Our agency already has copies of our profile books for quite some time now. According to our agency we are on track, but just wanted to get your input.


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Re: how long does it take to get licensed?

  • You're doing just fine.  We started paperwork in December and our SW just finished our homestudy report today.  We're still waiting on the background check for DH (it's somewhere in the mail).

    Hopefully, we'll be ready to show our profile by the end of June (over 6 months start to finish).

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  • You are probably a bit ahead of schedule. We submitted most of our paperwork in November, finished our classes in January, turned in the last of the paperwork in March and our final meeting will be in July.  This is because they didn't look at my paperwork and just decided to tell me on Monday that since my fingerprints were done by the department of education instead of the department of welfare (I had them done for work and when I turned them in was told it was fine) I have to get them redone. 

    It is not really a very quick process.

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