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Pediatrician Meetings

Has anyone thought about meeting with peds yet? I set up my preadmissions appointment (August 3rd!) and we have to have our ped picked out by then. Has anyone done this yet and/or do you just call and make an appointment to meet with the doctors??

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    We already know which ped. we are going with so we didn't need to set up an appt. I just gave the name to our OB so its in our chart. 
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    i wrote about this this morning - here...  there was some great info and suggestions on there from some that have done this already.
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    DH is a pediatrician so he picked our baby's doctor!  Good luck finding someone you like.
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    I have one already from DD, but your timing sounds good to me. You  just call and ask for a new patient consult.

    You can google lots of lists of questions to ask your pedi. You might look at the questions and see if there are any that the office manager can answer over the phone that might weed out some of them (I was working from a list of pedis on my insurance, I didn't have any personal recommendations to go on).

    Asking about things like their feelings on breastfeeding, vaccinations, and circumcision are generally a good idea. Even if you don't have strong feelings about any of those issues it gives you a way to see how the doctor talks to you - epsecially to see if he or she has a tendency to talk down to parents or lecture you. It's almost like a first date, the vibe you get from them and first impressions mean a lot because until you have a child they can interact with you have nothing else to go by.

    - Jena
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    Thanks for the post, I was wondering the same thing. We just made an appt to do a "meet and greet" with the new pediatrician.
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