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Placenta too close?

The only thing that my doc said at my big u/s that was kind of alarming was that "my placenta is too close to my cervix"??? I guess thats its too low?

She said not to be too worried but that it was something they would watch and hopefully it would reposition itself. Anyone heard of this?

Re: Placenta too close?

  • Yes - if the placenta actually covers the cervix, it is referred to as placenta previa.  However, you're still early in the game.  She said it was close - but not covering.  As the uterus grows, the placenta will move.  I'm sure it will be fine though - especially since they are watching it closely.
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  • They told me that my placenta had a left lateral arm on it and lakes in it. She said that it wasn't anything to worry about, but they have to be extra careful when they get the placenta out to make sure they get it all. I have no idea what the lakes are though.
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  • Hey hun, yes it's called placenta previa when the cervix is covering the cervix, but I would not worry since they are monitoring it and it still has time to move through the rest of the pregnancy.

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  • I was reading up on placenta previa..she didnt actually call it that when I was in the office..the doc and the u/s tech just said it was really close. This may sound stupid but do you think that's why I cramp so bad when I have an orgasm?  Embarrassed
  • You don't have placenta previa. Placenta previa is only when the placenta is completely covering the cervix. You can have partial previa, which is obviously if only part of the placenta is covering the cervix.

    What you (and I) have is called a "low lying placenta," where the placenta is closer to the cervix than normal (normal being 3 cm), mine is 2.2cm from my cervix.

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  • The told me at my 20 week u/s that my placenta was very low lying.  They said not to be worried right now as long as I'm not having any side effects (cramping/bleeding) - which I'm not.  The good news is we get another u/s at 30 weeks!  They said they expected it to have moved up by that point, if not, they would monitor it more closely.

    I think it's fairly common to have low lying placenta midway through.  Lots of time to move still.  GL!

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  • I had my big u/s Wednesday and they said the same thing to me (I have a low-lying placenta).  Not really anything to be worried about, but they're going to do another ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure it moves up like it should.
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