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Birth Story- Sloooowww then Quick

I had been home on modified bedrest for about a week because of some craziness with my blood pressure and the baby was measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule.  I thought she was never going to come- I wasn't having regular contractions and she hadn't dropped yet.

Then, on the night of June 8th, I got up to go to the bathroom (again!) at 3am, but the second I stood up, my water broke in that huge dramatic Hollywood type of way.  I had always wondered how you would know- but there was no mistaking this!  My DH jumped out of bed and calmly helped me get ready to go to the hospital- even though I was still not having any contractions.

We got to the hospital about 3:45am, got checked out, confirmed that my water had broken, and got me checked into my room.  It was pretty slow then- I was having contractions, but I couldn't feel them.  At 6am the doctors decided to put me on Pitocin to bring on the contraction harder- so we waited it out.  I was only 2 to 3 cm dialated all day- and at -2 station.  My doctor was a bit concerned I wasn't progressing faster- I was starting to think that the whole labor was going to be this easy to work through- when the big ones started at dinnertime.  I was breathing through them, but some of the contractions started coupling, and it was tough. It was getting so tough that I decided to get the epidural-  but had to wait for the epi for over an hour due to an emergency C-section in the next room. 

I finally got it at about 7pm, and it was great-  I could still feel my legs but no pain!- but then I got the shakes about an hour later.  I was checked and was at 7cm.  My doctor thought that it would be a couple more hours before I would deliver, and decided to head home for awhile, but almost immediately I started to feel pressure to push.  I called the nurse who checked me- and I was at 10 and ready to go!  She ran to call my doctor back and had me practice push.  My doctor showed up 15 minutes later, and we started pushing for real.  Only 20 minutes after that, my DD was born at 9:48pm.

She had some trouble breathing at first- but now is perfect. Getting use to being a mom has been an experience- but one I wouldn't trade for anything!

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