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2nd u/s - update

Things look good.  We got to have a 2nd u/s today.  I already had the appt scheduled this morning with the mfm dr due to mthfr.  I had some spotting this morning that completely freaked me out, so they were able to get us in a little earlier.  We had two beautiful heartbeats, both at 136 bpm.  The mfm dr. is pleased and said I am 7w1d.  Due to the mthfr ( I am hetrozygous) and anticardilipin antibodies we decided that I'll go on Lovenox.  She said the shots are very similar to the Gonal-f shots.  I have my NT scan scheduled for July 14th.  There is always a concern about m/c with the mthfr, but she is hopeful and so are we.  She said once we get to the 2nd tri the odds for m/c go down quite a lot.  Any good vibes you can send our way would be greatly appreciated.

If any Lovenox ladies can give me any advice about the shots/side effects (other than the bruising), I would appreciate it.

Thank you ladies for being so wonderful and supportive.

Re: 2nd u/s - update

  • yay for a great ultrasound!!  Not really any s/e's from the lovenox. It does sting when you inject the medicine.  Oddly, when I give myself the shot, I bruise terribly and pretty much every time. If DH does it, for some reason I don't bruise as often (but still get bad ones from time to time).  We have learned that injecting it very slowly reduces the bruises & pain.  I've tried ice too and that really does nothing for me.


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  • Good news!  Congrats!

    Stick babies, stick!

  • Congrats!  :)
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  • For help with Lovenox you could page Brad'sMissA...She has to do those also. Good luck to you and the little ones!
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  • congrats on the good news!  The lovenox shots are easy.  I am constantly bruised, so any maternity pics will be imperfect (and no pg bikini for me!).  No other side effects.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Yay for a good ultrasound! You'll be in my prayers.
  • Sending you and the twins good vibes!  Hurray for the good ultrasound!
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