Hold on to your hats.....its twins!!!!

So i get a call from the birth mother on saturday morning (mind you only like a day and a half after she called to tell us she wanted us to parent her baby) to say she had been in the hospital for nausea and when she was there they heard 2 heart beats, she proceeded to tell them that she just had an ultrasound and there was one. well they did another ultrasound and sure enough its identical twins!!!!!  more info to come when i get it 
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TTC since 2005
missed miscarriage nov 2006- 4 failed clomid cycles-
3 failed femara iui cycles-
moving on to IVF oct 2011
ER nov. 7th
tansfered 2 blasts on 11/10
lots of +hpt!!
beta #1 on 11/21= 50.4
beta #2 on11/23= 90.8
another miscarriage 12/23
moving on to Round 2 of IVF with an auto immune dx
ER 4/23-retrieved 12 eggs
ET 4/28 3 transfered
Beta #1- 356
Beta #2- 870

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Re: Hold on to your hats.....its twins!!!!

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