Homestudy #2-Tonight...WWYD???

Our 2nd homestudy is tonight-right over the supper hour.  Would you serve anything?  I'm not expecting our SW to eat supper with us...but snacks, desserts anything like that?  I've asked a few people I know that have adopted and they said there SW never ate anything when she was at their house-but she was always there in the middle of the afternoon or after supper. 

 So I'm curious if any of you have had this "dilemma."


Re: Homestudy #2-Tonight...WWYD???

  • Hmmm, I think a veggie tray or cheese and crackers might be nice...esp if you and DH might be waiting a bit for dinner too!
  • I think this varies by agency/SW.  All our appointments were during dinner time, but our SW wouldn't even accept water from us (she brought her own).

    I sometimes wonder if her strict stance is due to the fact that her main job is with CPS (she contracts with my agency for homestudies and post-placements), and she doesn't ever want anyone to have "cause" to argue that she was in any way coerced to do/not do something.

    I have heard of many other families that shared snacks/light (brunch-type) meals with their SW.

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  • I would have some snacks out. That way she can have something if wanted.

    Good Luck tonight :) 

  • Even when our SW came during non-eating hours I had cheese, crackers or a veggie platter with dip out. Just do something light and easy - our meetings were all in the family room so you could just place the tray on the coffee table or end table next to her.
  • Ours was in the earlier part of the day, so we had coffee, tea and juice available, along with some cookies I baked , a quick bread ( I think it was cranberry nut) and some other little store bought goodies....she made a point of eating the things I baked myself, which I thought was really sweet! I was in the fall, so I had leaf themed napkins and stuff like that....cause I'm a freak :)
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  • Ours was at dinnertime.  We just put out a tray of pastries, and I think some chips or pretzels.  She didn't eat anything, but I feel awkward having ANYONE to my house without offering them a drink or something.  Even if it's a repairman.  I'd do something easy and snacky. 
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