Small AW: My brother is designing a website for me!

I did a quick, cheap website on (sorry I can't remember how to do a clicky link ) and it's nice, but not really I have been having a nervous breakdown trying to figure out how to jazz it up and I ran into many problems with domain names, transferring domains, Site Meter and all kinds of techo stuff I am only vaguely familiar with...and just as I was about to quit, my dear brother called out of the blue and OFFERED TO DO IT FOR ME...just cause he loves me :) I had e-mailed him earlier about something else and Voila! he just happened to have some free time to hook me up. He's a wedding videographer and went to web design school, so it's a major jackpot for me! He's super busy with wedding season so it's a real gift of love that he is doing, he's a dad and has another on the way. I feel so blessed to have his help and I just wanted to brag cause he's awesome!
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Re: Small AW: My brother is designing a website for me!

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