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NW OKC Daycare Moms Come In

I am currently using La Petite Academy for my daughter and am thinking I need to either get another nanny or find another daycare. They are letting her CIO, only gave her 3.5 oz to eat yesterday, and tried to reprimand me for "holding her too much."

Can anyone make a good recommendation? 

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  • I cant but I have been wondering where is good too. I live on NW 19th street and I just moved here last year. I have no clue where is good.  I am originally from PA, so I am so lost!
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  • I would definately find a new daycare.  I used to work for Kindercare.  The ones that I have visited have been nice, but I am not sure about any in NW OKC.  Check it out.
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  • I would absolutely find a new one. I used to work for a fantastic LPA, in the infant room in fact. If you hold your baby a lot, it does cause fussiness in the infant room because they are unable to hold them regularly, as there is ALWAYS someone in dire need of one thing or another- all the more reason for your baby to be attached to you at home, where she is able to receive the love and bonding that she deserves. Also, if baby won't eat at daycare, they should write down on your take-home sheet when they offered formula to her. However, if it was 1/2 an ounce here, 1/2 an ounce there, remember that at daycare, there are a ton of other babies around and much more business around, so often baby absolutely, without exception, will not eat much at daycare. If you were in the Mustang/Yukon area, I would suggest PB&J, followed by God's Little Blessings. As it is, though, I don't know the daycares in your area. Don't be afraid to try another LPA, though, as they are completely different from one location to another, any you may be able to waive the enrollment fee if you transfer. I will say that, after working in both private and corporate settings while going to school for ECE, I would send my own baby to corporate over private any day, because there's accountability, and they don't have reason to keep secrets since the corporation is the one with a liability. The things I saw at private... I had to not only report them, but QUIT my job out of fear/anger! If you know someone personally who runs one from home, that may also be the answer. I will defend LPA by saying, I would send my baby there before anywhere else, but only to this particular branch at Mustang Rd and I-40/Reno. By the way, She is ADORABLE!
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