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AWBW practice--dr's

So I am currently a patient of Dr. Tarr at AWBW in Wellesley and love her and the practice. ?She was with me during my first pregnancy and now will be leaving the practice when I am 30 weeks this pregnancy!!! ?However, I am trying to determine who to choose as my new OB there as the Dr. who delivered my daughter (Dr. Stack), I am not sure if she is still w/the practice. ?Any input would be great! ?THANKS!

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  • I heard Dr. Stack recently left, which is too bad.  She was terrific.  Molly Clark is fantastic, but she's so popular that it is impossible to get an appt. with her.  Sharon Margulies is nice as well as competent.  I found Georgia Vasilakis to be cold and impersonal, although some like that style and feel she is very competent.  I've heard good things about new MD (Dr. Kattal [sp?]), in terms of bedside manner, but she is young and not board certified if that credential matters to you. 

  • I was with the practice, Dr. Clark, for the birth of my first.  I loved Dr. Clark but had really bad laboring exp with Dr. Marguiles.  Dr. Bessim and August (both of whom I liked) have since quit the practice or OB.  I did not like Dr Stack at all and her poor attention (plus my exp w/ Dr Marguiles) caused me to leave the practice.  SOOOOOO much happier. I went to Women's health associates (next door) at 22 wks pg w my second and can not say enough good things about them. 
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