Some progress!

So...we're slowly continuing to make progress!  Hooray!

* We have our physicals / tb tests done!
* We completed our CPR/First Aid training!

Quick question about CPR / First Aid... how often do ya'all have to renew that or retake those classes? We learned this weekend we'll have to do the CPR every year and the first aid every three that true everywhere or just our agency?

Other news, is that my MIL has offered to help decorate and set up the foster kids' room by sewing any fabric stuff I need (window treatments,etc). She bought a bunch of winnie the pooh fabric to do it with...I'm super excited, I love winnie the pooh!



Re: Some progress!

  • we didn't have to do physicals, but we did TB tests. Our CPR/First Aid is every 2 years, and its all together. We have to do SAMA (restraints) and Psychotropic meds every year.
  • Huh?


    and for some reason - the Bump, the Nest and the Knot got confused and I was logged in under my former screenname. dangit! the above repply was me. 

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  • our requirements are the same as yours - first aid every 3 and CPR every year. its a red cross standard....since we work w/ children, we've been following this schedule forever. its really not so bad as the refresher classes are quicker. 

  • No help on the cpr - we weren't required.

    But YAY on moving forward. Progress is progress!

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