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Looking for an OB in CT. Advice please?

I just posted on the 1st Trimester board asking how other women found their OBs. Someone suggested I ask around on the NY babies board, so here I am! Smile

Do you know of a good OB in the Stamford/Norwalk/Greenwich area of Connecticut? Westchester would also be doable for me. I prefer a female doctor but am totally willing to visit a male doctor if he's amazing.

Thank you for your help!


p.s. (Also, if there are any docs I should avoid please let me know.)

Re: Looking for an OB in CT. Advice please?

  • Hey there! Check out Putnam Gynecology and Obstetrics (203.622.0303). They have two offices-  one in Greenwich, another in Darien. They are affiliated with Greenwich Hospital, so that's where you would deliver, but the labs they use for blood tests, etc. have locations all over (I've been going in Norwalk). I go to the Darien office primarily b/c it's closer to home, and it's a super quiet office since it's a satellite branch for them. I actually found them through my insurance co, and have been very happy - I've seen two of the docs (of 5) so far b/c they rotate so you have seen the person who delivers you since that is driven by who is on call for deliveries on a given day, and they have both been good.

     PS - I dig your screen name!

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  • Thank you for the feedback! (And also, glad you like my screen name Smile)

    I will check out the Putnam group.

    One doctor that has been recommended to me through a "real life" friend is Dr. Stephen Gallousis in New Canaan. In case anyone else is looking through this thread later on. :)

  • I use Dr. Violi in Greenwich - Dr's Kleban and Davidson are also in the practice - I highly recommend violi - but they make you meet with the entire practice. I met with each once so far, but Violi is definitely my favorite. Good luck!


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