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Effective Ways to Naturally Induce Labor

There are lots of "old wives" tales about natural ways to induce labor, and it's always up to debate whether or not they really work.  Does anyone have any "successful" stories/methods to share?  Thanks!

Re: Effective Ways to Naturally Induce Labor

  • Well, the oldest one is sex. And from personal experience, it does work. There is a hormone in semen, Prosteglandin(sp?) which is the same hormone in Cervadil, a gel they sometimes give to induce labor that they rub on your cervix.  I was 2 weeks late with my first and was so sick of being pregnant! I was supposed to be induced, but it was the week after xmas, and the hospital was short staffed so they sent me home. I was so annoyed, I forced my bf to have sex with me, just in case it worked! I woke up the next morning at 6am to my water breaking! My friend also did that with her second baby, and after 5 minutes she was having contractions and had her baby 8 hours later. It really does work for most people. If you are at least 38 weeks, I'd say its a good thing to try. Hey, it got you in the situation, let it take you out of it too! Good Luck!
  • Acupuncture works for a lot of people. As does sex, nipple stimulation and Castor Oil. Might want to consult with an herbalist or midwife for the last one though.
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