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Where are you girls looking for furniture/bedding/etc?  Are there any out of the way places worth mentioning? 

Thanks!  :)     

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  • Okay so I'm not pregnant or anything (don't get any ideas Allison).  However, I did get a crib for a cousin at Storkland on N. May (around Wilshire/Grand).  Wonderful place, wonderful customer service and a BEAUTIFUL showroom.  So I recommend them.  Let's see if I can find their website....

    Found it!


    That place will give one some MAJOR baby fever!

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  • Thanks for the tip -- their website could get me into some serious trouble!  :) 
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  • I haven't done much shopping, but I did stop in at the USA baby (Hefner and May-ish, I think). They seemed expensive, but I was with my brother and sister-in-law, so we just did a quick run-through. I will stop by later with DH to "shop" and compare prices. I saw the storkland place, but didn't get a chance to go in! I was mainly doing maternity clothes shopping this weekend and found some good stuff at Gordman's (on sale, Motherhood Mat line). I also bought some stuff at Motherhood Mat in Quail Spring's, but their dressing was hot and the store was crowded, so I didn't stay there long.
  • I second storkland. We bought our furniture there and it is so much sturdier than anything at BRU or elsewhere. We plan on using our baby furniture for all our kids so I wanted something to last. Also our crib was in sooner than I thought so they had fast shipping.

    Boutique type stores is bella blue, little dudes and divas in Edmond. There is also a boutique in North Park Mall that is cute but I don't remember the name.

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  • There is a great baby store in Yukon that is getting ready to close called Sorella Due.  They have awesome stuff and you can get some great deals right now!
  • We bought our furniture at Storkland also.  I love it.  The store in northpark mall is called Room to Dream I believe.
  • I bought a lot of my things from USA Baby... Storkland got an attitude with me once and I'd rather my money go to people who aren't a-holes.. even part of the time.. haha
  • We are getting ours at Target Delta 4-1 expresso. It's pretty nice!
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  • We bought ours at JcPenney.  It is very sturdy and was not to expensive.  I had  other friends buy theirs there too and we have all loved ours.  GL
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