I noticed that your status says that you're from Abq.  If that's true, I'm so excited to find another NMxican here!!  I grew up in Abq., but haven't lived there for 6 years (I live in eastern NM now).  My parents still live in Abq., so I visit quite a bit. 

Are you adopting through the foster care system?     

Re: **lxlz611**

  • Hi! Yup, I'm from Alb. What part of Alb did you grow up in? My parents live in Paradise Hills. Right now we live on the west side of Alb.

    We are adopting through foster care. The kids are in Taos right now.?

  • I grew-up in the south valley (about 1 mile from Isleta Casino).  My parents still live there, but I'm in Portales now. 

    My husband and I just started the adoption process through CYFD.  We had our first meeting with our caseworker yesterday.  I hope you don't mind, but I may be bugging you with random questions about the process here in N.M.  Stick out tongue 


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  • We started the process at the beginning of 2006 and stopped when we found out we were pregnant. Then we lost the baby. We decided to start again that summer and not stop if we found out we were pregnant. Then we found out we were pregnant and finished the process to be licensed and asked to be put on hold until DS turned 1.?

    In the mean time we have gone to lots of trainings and done lots of respite. So if you have any questions I'll be happy to help as much as I can. ?

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