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Stretchmarks and carrying low

I'm carrying my LO pretty low, and I have a lot of stretch marks. Everyone I know that is carrying higher don't have any yet (we're only a few weeks apart).....can anyone confirm or deny this?

Also my LO likes to hang out on my right side ALL the there is triple the amount of stretching over there. so that kind of sucks too...

Re: Stretchmarks and carrying low

  • It doesn't matter how you carry. It is all based on genetics. You'll either get them or you won't. Some women get them when they gain a few pounds and some women get huge in pregnancy and don't get a single one.
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  • I was actually wondering the same thing a couple days ago. I started trying to "hold her up!" Lol.

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  • I am also carrying low and have lots of stretch marks on the lower sides of my stomach and upper thighs... Crying Luckily I know they will fade once LO comes!
  • YES!! Last pregnancy I had 0 stretchmarks on my belly.  I carried much higher, it was a girl.  This time, I am so low (with a boy) and am pretty sad that they have decided to show up.  They aren't bad by any means, but my c-section is Thursday so I am hoping they don't spread overnight!
  • I'm a few weeks behind you, but I'm carrying high and don't have any stretchmarks yet.  Well, I should clarify no stretchmarks on my tummy.  I saw a few pop up on my thighs recently. 
  • Ohh, this time I have higher than normal fluid too which I make myself believe adds to these wonderful stretchmarks!
  • My LO sits with his head ready to come out.  He likes to put his feet on the right side.  I have horible strech marks and it's not from the weight gain since I haven't been able to with the horrible M/S
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  • I ws carrying high until she dropped last week and I still (fingers crossed) don't hav any stretch marks on my belly.
  • I am carrying pretty high and I have not seen any yet. Of course I still have a ways to go. My mom did not get any with me or my sister, so if it is genetic then hopefully I will get lucky and not get any either.
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  • I am carrying in the middle/low.   I just found my first two this week.   Now I am putting more lotion on...I have been putting lotion on morning and night...but now I am reapplying all day.      Mine are low under the belly button.

    I am just hoping not to many....or them preading and getting worse.

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  • I'm carrying high and as of yesterday, I have them. I feel lots of movement low though.

    I also hear it's all genetics. My mom had them, but I was hoping that I was going to avoid it since she gained 60 lbs with us and I haven't gained that much. No such luck.

  • Hmmm.  I am carrying low and have been for a while.  My mom and sister had them, but I am due today, and have not had one stretchmark.  So really, who knows?  I think everyone is different and it makes no difference how you are carrying or your genetic background.
  • I'm carrying pretty low IMO (although I don't really have a whole lot to compare it 2) and haven't got any stretch marks on my stomach.

    But I do have 3 longer yucky looking marks on each side...

    I call them my Tiger Stripes!

  • I have horrible stretchmarks on my upper thighs. They actually look like I've been beaten over and over in the same spot. They are purpleish and look like very angry bruises. I'm not sure if I have any on my tummy since I pretty much can't see the bottom half anymore and DH is too nice to tell me if they are there or not, thou I suspect they are. I sure hope they go away after LO. My mom still has most of hers, so if it really is all genetics I'm pretty screwed. I'll never be able to wear shorts again, people will constantly think that I've been abused.....I'm keep my fingers crossed that mine fade. GL with your too
  • I'm carrying low...have zero stretch LO is always on left...who knows!

  • Deny. I'm carrying low and the SM fairy has not graced me yet. I'm hoping she stays away.
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