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Toledo nestie needs some recs!

My DH and I are looking to relocate to Columbus (we own our own biz, so we can do this whenever) and are just starting to look around for places to live.

What areas of Columbus would you avoid? I have two small children, but my son is going to be 3 this summer and we need to start thinking about school districts. I do not really want to send my kids to Columbus Public schools.

Do you have any area recs?

Re: Toledo nestie needs some recs!

  • The Delaware county area is growing really fast and has alot of nice areas. About 30 min drive to Downtown Columbus.
  • My husband is from the Toledo area so I feel your need to move! We live in Hilliard, very nice very safe, good schools, but IMO a little cramped, also Dublin, very nice, great schools but a bit more expensive. Grove City is nice, but it is on the South Side. Columbus is pretty much surrounded by suburbs that are all really nice. Our Realtor told us to avoid Reynoldsburg 2 years ago and I'm glad we did, higher crime and the schools aren't as good. New Albany and Gahana are also nice, but you have to be careful what neighborhood you are moving into around there. That being said, my husband and I are looking at Delaware area so the commute back to Toledo is faster and we are still in the C-bus area, it's one of the up and coming areas and one of the safest cities in Amercia. Hope this helps!
  • Columbus is a wonderful place to live and like everyone else has said you just need to check out each location.  Really depends on what you want to be close too, Delaware is still pretty farm country in my opinion BUT its is growing very fast and has beautiful allotments. 

    I live in the Westerville school district.  I think as long as you stay out of the Columbus City School districts most schools around here are very reputable.  One thing to keep in mind when looking for a house it is possible to purchase a home in a certain school district but still be Columbus City, which is a major plus when it comes to taxes and such.  So keep that in mind.

     Good Luck!


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  • I live in Hilliard, and love it. Hilliard city schools are really good too. In fact, they just built a couple brand new high schools there.
    I also suggest Dublin or Lewis Center.
  • We live in Hilliard as well.  We moved here about a year ago, and really like it!  Dublin and Westerville and very nice too!
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