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Getting family dog(s) ready for baby?

What did you do to get your family fito ready for the new arrival? What can I say? I am a planner....

Re: Getting family dog(s) ready for baby?

  • I do not have dogs, but at the birthing classes the nurse said that the little hat they put on baby right after birth is a good thing to let the dog smell to get used to baby's scent.  She also said not to put it in the dog's bed because apparently, there was an incident where the dog ate the hat. 
  • Our friends have all brought home hats, blankets, etc. home through out the hospital stay and that seemed to work.

  • we have a pitbull/mastiff and a boxer , , , I play a baby cry clip that I found online for them everytime I think about it! They have gotten where they will sleep right through it now! =)
  • This was just covered as part of our Infant Safety and CPR class we had today.  Our instructor said that it's not necessary to bring home a blanket or anything else the baby has worn; the dog is fully aware a new member of the family is coming into the "pack" and has known it even before I POAS.  It's funny, because the dog thinks that what's coming is puppies, he has no concept of a human baby.  But, the problem is, when new puppies are introduced into a pack of dogs, the puppies are bottom of the totem pole.

    Anyway, to help prepare, she suggested ignoring the dog for at least 20 minutes when we get home rather than greeting him excitedly right away, which we normally do.  We started this today, and by the time the baby gets home, he will be used to not having our undivided attention.  This lack of attention also shows him that the baby comes first and is more "alpha" in the pack than he is.  If the lack of attention started when we first got home with baby, he would learn to resent the baby.

    She suggested introducing the baby to the dog in a calm manner, and also providing him a toy once that introduction is done. 

    If the dog sleeps in bed with you (ours doesn't, he sleeps on his own bed at the end of our bed), stop this immediately.  Pack dominance is exerted through sleep position, so if the dog is in your bed, and the baby is lower in a bassinet, the dog will think it has dominance over the baby.

    Sorry so long, but we learned a lot today!

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