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It made me happy today....

We went to a baby's baptism at a church in Medina this morning with a luncheon at the friends house after, and I really only have 1 *nice* shirt.  Lots of things I can wear to work.. but only 1 wear to a shing-ding in Medina all day, where the ladies always look perfect.

I didn't want to wear my regular ole work dress pants either...

SO.. I tried on a pair of NON MATERNITY nice capris I have.  I COULD BUTTON THEM.  All the way too!  It is such a small feat, but in my 28th week of PG'y, I was estatic (sp?) today to be wearing regular pants, buttoned! 

OK, granted they were low rise and hit below the belly, but still.  Stick out tongue

The litle things make me happy.

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Re: It made me happy today....

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