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What's exciting to a preemie mom?

Putting your LO in baby clothes! This has been my favorite part so far! Friends of ours bought us the tiny Carters onesies and they fit perfectly on his 4lb, 8oz body! He is showing them off (as well as his stretching skills) in my siggy pic. I love him more every day!! It is just getting harder and harder to be away from him the better he does. Next goal...we are on brady watch! None today, and I think we are discontinuing the caffeine tomorrow. Pray we can get a 5-7 day stretch soon!!
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Re: What's exciting to a preemie mom?

  • Yay for clothes! What a cutie!

    I totally feel you about how much harder it gets to go home... just think though, every day you go home brings you one day closer to taking him home *with* you, and every moment after that is sweeter than the best moments in the NICU! Trust me!

  • Oh my gosh Sarah!!!  That picture is awesome!  He is such a cute little guy!

    I am so glad he is doing so well...and he has maintained his weight really well!!  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Friday/Saturday.  Since you pretty much have my story, I would say a total of 13 NICU days (that's what we had). 

    That little outfit is absolutely adorable.  It makes it seem sooooo much better when they are dressed.  Like they have somewhere to go!!  :-)

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  • oh yeah, that's the fun part!

    Hoping for no Brady's!

  • hailiehailie member
    What a cutie! Yeah for clothes!! And *fingerscrossed* for no Bradys.
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  • Real baby clothes are an exciting milestone.  What til he becomes cordless/tubeless.  You won't be able to contain yourself!  Keeping our fingers crossed for no bradys. 
  • What an adorable little man Jackson is!  And handsome in his new duds!  Here's hoping for no Bradys and a restful week ahead!
  • He is really adorable and I love the picture!
  • what a handsome little guy!! and here's hoping for no caffeine and no bradys!!
  • Awwww.....he looks adorable!!

    I remember the day that we walked in the NICU and Jacob was wearing his first outfit. It was a month and a half after he was born and he hit 3 pounds that same day! It was such a big moment for us. It is amazing the little things you appreciate as a preemie mom. Our next big milestone after that was an open crib and that was HUGE as well!


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  • Thanks ladies! I am off this morning to spend more time with him. Really can't wait to take him home :)
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  • So cute!

    And just wanted to add that Ruby was caffeine for bradys! Ruby was a brady queen. We did a trial off it and it didn't go well, so we had to put her back on it. She actually came home on caffeine and we were able to dc shortly after her due date I think! Hopefully you'll be off it for good, but just wanted to share just in case!

  • He is so cute Sarah!!  I'm so excited for you!  Here's to no Bradys and a happy healthy LO!!
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