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last of this week's dating updates

Date three: I chose a GREAT restaurant, and we had an evening of easy conversation. ?As we said goodbye I sort of mentioned that we would make better friends than gf's, and I suspect it was mutual.?Still a great night, and worth it for the discovery of the restaurant if nothing else.

Three pleasant dates this weekend, one of which was fabulous.?

I am psyched that Friday evening's date with A. (formerly Completely New Girl) ?went so well. ?We have been emailing and texting. ?I suspect that we will make plans this week. ?I hope so!

Re: last of this week's dating updates

  • Woo!  You've been on a dating spree!  Glad things are working out with "A".
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  • I just read through all of A's emails and texts to me and I can't help but to be even more excited about her. ?She seems to have had a good time too.

    I feel like I need a day off to recover from all of this craziness. ?Before each date I had decided upon an outfit, but I tried on a gazillion different things and took down a bunch of different purse and jacket possibilities anyway. ?My bedroom looks like a tornado hit, but it is time to go make room.

    Night all!

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  • G'night. Hope you get another date this week with A. GL!
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  • Glad you had a good weekend of dates and a new friend and a new restaurant is pretty good work for a Sunday.
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