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How do I get a DVD onto youtube?

Just a little one or two minute chunk of it.  Is this some complicated thing that I will most certainly not be able to work out?

We have a DVD of our ultrasound today, and I wanted to put a little snippet on youtube for my mom to see.  She's dying over there in the States, being so far away.  LOL.

Anybody know?

Re: How do I get a DVD onto youtube?

  • You need to copy the DVD to a video file and then upload it. It depends on what kind of a dvd it is. If it's a normal dvd you'll need a dvd ripping program but if it's a burned dvd like a data disk then you can just copy the file off of it. HTH
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  • Hey there! Just popped over hoping to find out the results of your big u/s and here you are :) ?Yay for girlies!
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