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diarrhea? and EBF

My LO is EBF and I think she is having diarrhea.  It started today (although there was one episode on Friday) and it is explosive, watery, and smelly.  She does not seem dehydrated - wetting plenty of diapers.  She did not poop yesterday, so at first I thought it was just from possibly being constipated. I had given her mylicon for gas the day before.

I am just not sure what it is from - could be the Zantac she started for reflux?  the sushi and wine I had last night?  a virus?  She has no fever and seems OK - maybe a little less interested in nursing (although who wouldn;t be with explosive diarrhea?). 

 Any thoughts?  Would you contact the pediatrician or wait a few days to see if it resolves itself?  If she wasn't wetting diapers I would have called immediately, but like I said she is wetting plenty.

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