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What BP works for large breast?

Hi! Well I am planning to EBF but will have to pump when I return to work after 4 months. I have large breast and was wondering if there are any breast pumps that work well for ?well endowed women. ?Or does it not matter at all. My Pre pregnancy size was a 32G and now at almost 7 months I am wearing a 34H. I am hoping the girls dod not grow that much larger. Thanks for any feedback!?

Re: What BP works for large breast?

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    Breast size doesn't matter...nipple size does.  Medela Pump in Style Advanced has 5 different breast shield sizes for S to XXL nipples.
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  • I am currently a 44H and have been using a Medela Freestyle with 27mm breast shields (which are seperate accessories).  You can use them with any of the Medela pumps.



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  • ditto PP - and I'm finding that breast size and nipple size don't necessarily correlate.  I was a full B pre-pregnancy and am now probably a C, but I'm using Medela's XL sheilds on my giant udders. 

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