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Genetic results are in

I got a call on Friday afternoon that there was a cancellation at Duke, and our results are in. ?I begged for them over the phone but of course the nurse wouldn't give them to me. ?Oh well, we go in at 8 am to meet with the geneticist and then I have to take Owen to his 2 month appointment to get shots. ?Great day, right? :(

Re: Genetic results are in

  • Thinking of you guys... I hope you get good news, or at the very least, some solid answers. *hugs*

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  • I hope all goes well!  I'll be thinking of you!
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  • Good luck! ?I hope you get some answers! ?Keep us posted!
  • Keeping y'all in my thoughts - good luck tomorrow!  I hope the results come back good, and that O's shots aren't too bad!
  • Yall are in my thoughts and prayers tommorrow! I hope they have good news for you!! Keep us posted!! Good luck!
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  • Thoughts are with you.  That would have frustrated me to no end as well.  What a crappy way to have to spend a weekend - wondering and worrying.

    Many prayers that things are okay and HUGS to you for all you are going through.

  • We'll be thinking of you today!  Good luck with both appts.
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  • good luck- I hope that it really does turn out to be a great day!
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  • GL! I'm hoping you receive some good news today!
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  • Good Luck today.  We'll be thinking about you.
  • GL today! I hope both appts go as well as they can.
  • Big hugs and prayers your way.
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  • Hope it all goes well.  Update us later!

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  • thinking of you guys today. hope you get some answers.
  • Best of luck to you, I will be thinking about you!
  • Yuck, I'm sure it was a long weekend for you guys! At least there was a cancellation and they could get you guys in this morning. I hope your appointment went well! Hopefully, the 2 month appt. for your DS won't be bad. It was harder on me than on my DS. Take care and keep us updated.
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  • Good luck! Hope everything goes well today.
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