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EP weaning

I am at 4 pumps weaning down to 3 then hopefully down to 2 pumps by the end of june. I have an oversupply and I am emotionally and physically done EPing. I was hoping to make it to a year but 6 months will be it for me.( plus I still have 3 months worth in the freezer ) I still have guilt about this but I need to do it. It was not so bad when I went back to work but I am off for the summer and want to enjoy my daughter and not be hooked up to a pump and toating the pump around with us everywhere all summer ... ANYWAYS wow, that came out of no where , my point and my questions is how do I prevent clogs during this. When I went down from 10 to 8 then 6 then 5 then 4 I had no problems when I did it slowly by decreasing the time at the cut out pump until it was gone. But going to 3 I am having some serious pain and clogs. Any ideas ?  

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  • just gradually cut the minutes down a week before you plan to drop that pump session. doing things slowly is the key. I weaned every pump session with no clogs and no pain. (i just finished EPing last week).

    so for a week or two (if you have a LOT of milk) just gradually cut a few minutes each day to the session you are dropping. by doing it gradually- you are signalling your body that you dont need to make as much.


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