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middle name question. . .

would you ever use your name as your daughter's middle name? DH's family uses the dad's first name as the middle name for the son. DH really likes my name and thinks we should use it. Maybe I just think it's weird because as a kid I never liked my name (Melora). As I've gotten older, I've learned to like having a more unique name. Picking names is so hard!

ps we decided her first name is Zoe.?

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Re: middle name question. . .

  • Personally, I LOVE your name and I think it would be very pretty!

    Bif and his sister are both named with the first names of each respective parent/sex with different middle names.  Talk about confusing!

  • I know its not the same, but I gave one of my daughters my middle name as a first name
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  • if we had a girl my middle name was going to be her middle name.  i just love the name so this isn't weird at all to me! :-)  if you named her first name the same as yours, that's a little weird to me (although i don't know why bc boys are named after their dads all the time) but i had a friend whose name was the same as her mom and one of her brothers was the same as her dad, so its not unheard of by any means!
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  • I think Zoe Melora is beautiful, and unique.. One of my BFF's has her mom's name as her middle name, and plans to use her name as her daughter's middle name if she ever has a girl... So I don't find it odd at all!

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  • We do something similar in my family -- my Grandmother was MaryAnn, my mom was Ann Elizabeth, and I am (was) Ashley Anne. 
  • I do not think this is something I would do, but DH's sister did that with her daughter.
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  • I don't think it's weird at all. It's just another way of passing on family names!
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  • I don't think it is strange at all. In fact, I think Zoe Melora is a beautiful name! If we'd had a girl, her middle name probably would have been my middle name -- Elizabeth. It's not exactly the same situation as you, but close enough. :)  GL deciding!
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  • I think it is very sweet that DH wants to use your name as the middle name. I love unique names! And Zoe is great. :)
  • We wouldn't but that is just because my first name doesn't really seem to fit nicely.  I'd use my middle name again though.

    I really do like the your combination though.  Go for it!

  • imagebobsbride2006:
    DH's family uses the dad's first name as the middle name for the son.

    DH's family does the same thing, and I definitely don't think it's weird. I LOVE your name and think the Zoe Melora sounds beautiful.

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  • YesYes

    I love it!

  • For years that's been our plan. If we ever have a daughter she'll be firstname/Alethea/hyphenated last name.
  • I'm a big fan of using family names.  Camryn had my middle name as her middle name (Renee) and I'm probably using my mom's first name as DD2's middle name. 

    I think if you like it and it flows, then go for it!

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