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Pumping question

My son is turning three weeks old tomorrow so I figured it would be okay to start pumping occasionally. ?If I go out for 5-7 hours or so and have my husband give the baby a bottle and pumping is impossible while I am away....is this a horrible thing if done occasionally as long as I feed or pump immediately when I return. ?Thanks....also since I have been EBF (no bottle at all) I have no idea how much to feed him.....how much does a three week old eat? THANKS! I should also add that BF is going well and I am not too concerned about nipple confusion at this point...although I am still aware it is always a possibility. ?

Re: Pumping question

  • Going 5-7 hours in the first few months of nursing without pumping would have been sheer agony for me. Engorgement gets very painful, not to mention I would have leaked like crazy.

    Glad nursing is going well for you so far

  • I agree with PP, going that long for me was painful.  Now that my body and I are on the same page with things I can go that long between pumping (I am an EP'er due to work and timing).  Is there any way you could pump while you are away?  I have an adapter for my car and have pumped while my husband is driving - it's tricky but so worth it.  I have gone that long on occasion and I think those are the times I got a clogged milk duct so I would advise against it, if you can pump then do it, even just once.  It should mess your supply up if you just do it once in a while but it will possibly be uncomfortable. 

     Also, DH fed DD one bottle once per night from very early on so I could get more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time and we never had an issue with nipple confusion.  Even now DD mostly only takes a bottle of pumped milk (sometimes formula) and I have nursed her with no issues.  So don't worry about nipple confusion.  it would be good for your LO to get used to a bottle if you want DH to feed him at all. 


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  • My DD is 4 1/2 weeks, so we're close in age!  By 5-7 hours, I'm leaking, so I don't know how you can manage!  I have a manual pump I take with me just in case.  Plus, I'd rather develop a good stash of milk I can freeze for later instead of not having enough by not pumping.  Personally for me and my DD, she was eating about 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours last week.
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