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My DS is EBF (no solids yet) and is having daily blowouts up the back of his diaper, because his stools are so runny due to the breastmilk. We used Pampers Swaddlers and those worked well, then when he grew out of those we switched to Pampers Baby Dry and they have been terrible! We tried Huggies Snug & Dry and those were bad as well. He is 4 months and in size 3's (he is about 17 lbs right now) so I don't think needing to go up a size is the issue. Are there any diapers that stop this? What brand do you like best for your BF baby? TIA!
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  • I love the Pampers Cruisers. We had DS in them at size 3! They fit really well.
  • Don't have an answer for this one yet, I'm just getting really good at getting stains out!  :)
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  • I would go to the Pampers Cruisers
  • We still have a fair number of blow-outs and have tried a ton of different brands. We're back to cruisers now. They lessen the laundry, but there is still a lot!
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