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Pampers from Sams

Where is the pampers code on these?  Does the big box from Sams not have them?

Married: '06 - Mom of 3 boys: '08, '11 & '14

Re: Pampers from Sams

  • They're on the individual plastic packages that are in the box.
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  • Sometimes I find mine turned inside out in each plastic package. 

    I'm sure I've already mentioned this but I'll say it again....I love your son's name.  My DS's name is Landon James :)

  • Awww, great choice!  :)   Mine is Landon Travis.

    Married: '06 - Mom of 3 boys: '08, '11 & '14

  • Thanks ladies, I'll inspect the inside of the individual packs as I go through them.  I was thrown off b/c they're normally on the outside of the regular packs I buy & I didn't see any on the outside of these.

    Married: '06 - Mom of 3 boys: '08, '11 & '14

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