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Weaning off nipple shield- tips?

I have flat nipples and been wearing a nipple shield to feed LO since birth.  I would like to start weaning him off of the nipple shield if possible- it's just so messy and a real hassle.  I tried a couple of days ago and he didn't really like the real nipple- hopefully I haven't spoiled him on the fake nipple.  I'm wondering if I will have to wear the nipple shield forever since my nipples aren't really going to unflatten.  Does anyone have any tips/tricks they used?  How long did it take for yours to wean off? 

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  • i starteed tring when ds was 1 month.  I night he was crying and DH was washing the nipple shield so I just tried and he took my nipple.  So I slowly started trying once a day without the shield.  It took me about a week to get him off of it completely.  I didn't get rid of the shields for couple weeks later just in case there was a problem.  Try switching him to the nipple in the middle of the feeding.  be patient.  try once a day.  good luck!  Make sure you have lanolin cream for when he does latch on without the shield.  you might be sore.
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    Be patient.  I never really tried weaning, but around 10 weeks, I just put her on w/out it, and she latched.  A couple days later we were free of it for good!

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    Try not to rush it.  While it's annoying sometimes, you need to do what it takes to continue to EBF successfully. 

    I would just try without it every once in a while....once a week or so.  Around 12 weeks, DS finally latched on well without it for a whole feeding.  I continued using it on and off for about a week and then threw them away!  I had flat nipples too...not anymore thanks to a year of bfing.

    Good luck!

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