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I just got an email from a baby shop in Florida and they want to sell my Ice Ice Binky Pacifier clips in their store!    Im so flattered!  =D

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  • That's awesome!!

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    That is awesome! Congrats!!
    The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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    That's so cool!
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  • Wow that's fantastic!!
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  • Whoohoo! What a great feeling, huh?
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  • That's awesome!!!
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  • Not to be a downer, but I've had my own business before too... have you got a real business license and talked to a lawyer about how to set things up to protect yourself?  Selling baby items, if anything (god forbid) were to happen and a family sues, you need to be protected so that they can't take your personal assets.

    How did they find you?  through etsy?  That's pretty cool that they sought you out!

  • ditto Jill.  Especially with those little tiny rhinestones.  I know a mom who has her own business that stopped making little baby hairclips for that reason.

    But congrats!  That's awesome!

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  • Hey Jen!
    Thats great news!!
    Just be careful b/c I've had many online baby sites as well as businesses have also contacted me about selling my nursing covers but they want to do it wholesale...I've never opted to do it b/c it either sounded a.) shady or b.) I'd hardly make any money b/c of the low cost they want me to sell my covers for...

    keep us posted though!! Id gladly spread the word to my "mommy friends" :)
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  • I just wanted to say those blinged out binky holders are SOOOOOO cute. What a creative idea. I didn't even know you had an etsy store yet! ;-)
  • I think that's great!! Good for you. I am going to check out your site right now. =]
  • Awesome!  I hope it ends up working out for you.
  • OMG - that's great!! ?Nice work!

    FYI - Tanya gave me the pink cupcake one for Nougat and I LOVE it! ?Can't wait to use it. Big Smile?

  • Awesome! Congrats, Lynchie!

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  • That's so cool!!!  Congrats!
  • Yay! How exciting, Lynchie!
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