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Bruise and tiny lump on one breast

I noticed a bruise on one of my breasts this morning.  It has been there for a bit but I kinda just thought it was part of my areola.  Well I took more interest in it this morning and found a tiny pea sized lump under the brusie. 

I am EPing and have been for 3 weeks.  I have been fighting Thrush for about 1.5 weeks now, and have been hoping I don't get mastitis.  I do have chunks in my milk so my LC reccomended Lecithin (a supplement) to help thin things out.

My question is it common to have a bruise and a lump with clogged ducts?  Or should I be more worried?

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Re: Bruise and tiny lump on one breast

  • I have had 2 clogged ducts and both time I had a lump and a red spot in the place where I was clogged.  I used a hot compress for about 10 minutes before I nursed (or pumped) and massaged the heck out of it while nursing (or pumping) that helped get rid of them pretty quickly.  A friend recommended putting hot water in a disposable diaper and using that as a compress.  It holds the heat for a lot longer than a washcloth!

    GL!  Hang in there.  I can see that it's been rough so far, but you're doing great!  It HAS to get easier Smile

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