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It's either the dog or the marriage help!!

We have two dogs both of whom are rescue dogs; however one of them HAS to go. We have tried EVERYTHING. This is a hard decision as I used to foster dogs and never ever thought I would be doing this. The dog is well cared for, current on everything but needs round the clock attention that neither me or my husband can provide.

I need to find a place that will take him and not kill him. I know all of the shelters are overwhelmed with animals due to the economy and other issues such as overbreeding, puppy mills, etc...We have been trying to find a home for him for over 2 years and nothing.

He is approximately a 7 year old all white lab boxer mix. I would not recommend he be in a home with small kids or with other dogs. He is a fence jumper, alpha male and has an aggressive personality and barks at any and everything. Obviously I am not trying to sugarcoat anything. What he really needs is a farm or something where he can run ALL DAY but I am afraid he might kill the livestock.

Any suggestions or anyone want him? I have no patience left and DH and I argue constantly about this dog and have got to simply things. He is a good dog and loves to snuggle but has some major behavior issues and training has not worked to this point.  I know some will think this is rude and how could we, but I honestly would prefer to save my marriage and family at this point. Our other dog is completely opposite and we fully intend to keep him. If anyone wants to foster for a couple of weeks as a test drive that is fine too. If you decide you do not want him I will take him back.

Re: It's either the dog or the marriage help!!

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    Just out of curiosity, which trainer(s) have you worked with?
  • Oh hunny, I'm so sorry- I know this has got to be so difficult for you but I agree, your marriage comes first and personally, I give you major kudos for taking in a troubled dog to begin with.  I don't have any ideas for you off hand but I will definitely spread the word and see if anyone knows someone who could help you out. 






  • Believe me.  I understand how you feel.  The other week when we had to find something to do with DH's cousin's dog, I called my Dad who lives out in the country and one of his coworkers came to get it.  If you want, I can see if Daddy will ask around at work again, but he lives about three hrs away and its a long shot.  Good luck!
  • Amy - let me check with DH. I cannot remember as it was when we first got him because we wanted to try to train to stop jumping the fence and that was almost 6 years ago. I do know it was a lady and she came to our house vs. one of those Petsmart places because I was afraid he would attack another dog. He has bitten my mom, her dog (a chow - both of which are not good with other animals) (I don't blame either dog as it was human error that one dog got out of its room), and my husband so I did not want to take any chances with a group training session.

    Do you have any other suggestions or trainers, as I know you work with rescue dog?. Trust me I do not want to give him up but if you ask several of the girls on here who have visited my house he is a handful and we have as I said previously tried EVERYTHING.

  • We had a situation similar to this over a year ago-although without the fence jumping.  It was REALLY hard on us.  However, we buckled down and went to Tina at

    We were referred there by our vet.  It worked out FANTASTICALLY, and really made a huge difference.  It was more about training us, but definitely worth it.  We had a private class first and then we were able to go to the group classes. Now we get to keep our family the way it was meant to be! Good luck!

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