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what to get a 2yo boy???

I need ideas on a bday present for a 2yo boy.  Help!


Re: what to get a 2yo boy???

  • For Jacobs birthday we had a "Cars" theme...he still is obsessed with that movie...I think you'd be good getting him anything from that movie...also Thomas the Tank Engine stuff as well as tractors or cars/trucks that move or have "life-like" sounds and buttons...
    DVD's are always good too (as long as you know what movies they already have!) Is there a theme to the party?? That may help you too! Good luck!
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    or maybe trains.


    Ben loves Matchbox cars, anything from the Cars movie, big "diggers" for outside, fire trucks.

  • Yah cars and trains are usually a big hit. Also balls, basketballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls. My sons also finally getting into books. Of course only ones about Thomas the Train or tractors.
  • Trucks and trains were and still are HUGE in our house.  Now that he's 3, he likes specific kinds of trucks - firetrucks, garbage trucks....but at 2 any kind of truck was fascinating! 
  • Thank you so much!   You guys are the best.

    (so this is what Lennon is going to be into next year.) 

  • ride on toys are still popular, and you could get a smaller tricycle.  I found one at Toys R Us that my nephew really liked!  Oh, he also likes those little people sets, like the farm.  There's one that's a construction theme.
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  • So target and BRU have these firetrucks that are around $18 that make noise and light up. Cruz loves cars and such but he pushes that one all over the house non-stop making fire engine noises!  He LOVES it!
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  • everyone has already covered it bt honestlyanything with wheels!
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