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Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi! I'm Stephanie, mom to 4 boys, 

Ds#1 is 10 and is diagnosed with AD/HD and Bi-polar.  Now that he has been diagnosed and is on the right meds, life is a little better, he still has some major outburst and are usually towards the family.

Ds#2 is 8 and is very hyper, he hasnt been diagnosed yet but all signs are pointing to ad/hd and ODD.  he also seems to have a learning disablity.

Ds#3 is 6 and has no signs of anything YET!!!! but I am waiting

and ds#4 is only 9 months so I am waiting for something also

And to top it off I work with special needs children everyday at school. 

I am always stressed.  I am still learning to deal with all the outbursts and fighting.  It gets very embarrassing at times, especially in stores,  and there is always very hurtful things said that break me down.  But I am trying to deal with it. 

Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

  • I'm a  member of some groups on yahoo. Someone posted a link  to some wonderful cards that they literally hand to those who are nasty. The more mild one that I remember said "we're working on his behavior, please work on yours." others were more direct like this is his dx and then some sassy comment to them. I'm sorry you have to feel embarrassed andI'm glad you got the meds to help you move forward. Don't expect negative things from your little ones. You're allowed to have 2 with challanges and 2 without. I know that life can change and no one knows what tomorrow brings but as of today I have one asd and one that is FOR SURE NOT. There is no question in my mind whatsoever again, as of today..

    Some of the girls on here have wondeful attitudes, if the outbursts affect you than that is one thing but if they are affecting you because you are worried about other people, eff them/ your responsibility is to you and your family, not suzie rudeness at K mart.


  • My 3 older boys father was Ad/hd, add and bi-polar.  I guess thats why I am afraid that all 3 will be affected.  and my dh now was just very hyper as a child so I am sure the baby will be like him.


    I dont get embarrassed about thinking what others are thinking,  I think its just the behavior, and ds telling me I'm not his mom, he hates the family. the punching of his brothers and charging them, scaring them.

  • steph , that would add up to a lot of stress I would say!

    sounds like you are doing great though. best of luck and vent away any day

  • Hi Stephanie,

    I can completely relate to several things you wrote, including the outbursts in public (just on Saturday my 5 y/o saw a child with a balloon and went into a melt-down - telling me he hates me, and he bit me on the stomach - then went into what I call petting mode when he rubs his face on my stomach like a puppy). I've learned to just ignore on-lookers, but it's hard.

    I also know how it feels to wait for the other shoe to drop with your other children. My 12 y/o is typical. My 5 y/o is un-diagnosed currently (a fly-by PDD and ADHD diagnosis by a dev pedi I don't trust - global delays - I just sent in the intake packet for a new ped psychologist to start over). My 3 1/2 y/o has a diagnosis of Emotional Dysfunction-NOS which really doesn't mean anything except there is an emotional issue they just aren't ready to pin-point it because of his age (I think it will be ADHD and GAD, dev pedi suggests bi-polar but it's the same one I don't trust). My 21 m/o has developmental dyspraxia (dev coordination disorder), hypotonia and is failure to thrive. So I have a bit of a mix as well, which I also believe has genetic roots.

    3 boys (15, 8, 6), 1 girl (4)
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